Janet Echelman Receives Smithsonian Ingenuity Award

Thursday, January 22, 2015
NOTE:  Janet Echelman, globally acclaimed artist, was a speaker at the CMF 2013 Annual Conference.
“When I’m surrounded by concrete buildings like tall industrial boxes, my own physical presence feels so completely displaced,” says Janet Echelman. Her solution: huge, sinuous fiber sculptures strung between buildings high above the ground to serve as a “mediating piece,” she says, between us and our alienating urban spaces. The artist, 48, combines an ancient technology—knots—with modern polyethylene fiber that’s stronger than steel and dazzling computer-controlled lighting.
Echelman, a painter, turned to sculpture in 1997 when she traveled to India and her paints were lost in transit; she began making shapes with local fishermen’s nets. She has won renown for some 35 major projects in cities from Santa Monica to Singapore.



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