Creative State MI Report: Billions of $$ Contributed to Economy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Michigan's creative industries paid nearly $3.6 billion in wages to 74,000 employees in more than 9,700 businesses in the state during the 2011 fiscal year, according to a report released by ArtServe Michigan.

Michigan’s creative economy – for profit and nonprofit — is opening new opportunities for economic growth and community vitality in all corners of our state. In 2011, the creative industries put nearly 75,000 people to work in 9,758 businesses in Michigan – that’s nearly 3% of state employment totals and 4.6% of total state businesses — in leading core industries such as advertising, architecture, design, film/media and broadcasting, and the publishing and printing industry. Michigan needs to maximize the competitive advantage of its creative industries in its reinvention.

Our arts and cultural resources are essential to the vibrancy of Michigan communities making them the kinds of places that attract talent and business investment and make our cities and towns great places to live, work and explore. Arts and culture are bringing jobs and economic activity statewide.

In 2011, nonprofit arts and cultural groups contributed more than $565 million in expenditures to the state economy and put 26,064 people to work in Michigan communities. This is a business sector that’s committed to staying in Michigan and serving Michigan’s people.

Creativity is opening new opportunities for economic growth and prosperity for our people and our communities. Michigan is Creative State MI.

Read the full report from ArtServe Michigan.

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