CMF Member Merrill Lynch Retirement Study, in Partnership with Age Wave, Highlights Giving Benefits, Projections for Retirees

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This study, the latest in a series exploring new retirement realities, takes a close look at the priorities, rewards and challenges of giving in retirement, as well as the benefits of giving back in retirement — for retirees, their families and society at large.

Key insights from the study also include:
  • How retirement transforms giving, and why retirees are able to give more, and with greater impact, than younger age groups
  • Giving gives back, and how retirees who give report feeling happier and healthier, and their retirement more purposeful
  • Strategies for creating a meaningful legacy, and advice from retirees on teaching generosity to the next generation
  • Challenges to giving in retirement, and what is most important to retirees when seeking guidance and advice
  • Creating a retirement giving game plan to give strategically while protecting one’s own financial security

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