CFSEM Creates Fund to Support Detroit's Retirees, Cultural Heritage & Revitalization

Saturday, December 7, 2013



In response to the announced intention of local philanthropist Paul Schaap to provide $5 million to support the effort underway to raise funds to mitigate pension cuts and protect the art of the Detroit Institute of Arts, individuals, businesses and others have been searching for a way to participate in this effort. The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, a public charity, has established a method for those who have been inspired to give to do so.

"People throughout southeast Michigan, our state, the country and the world care deeply about those individuals and cultural institutions affected by the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit. The Fund to Support Detroit's Retirees, Cultural Heritage, and Revitalization provides a means for anyone who wishes to make a financial gift to assist in addressing these challenges an opportunity to do so." says Mariam C. Noland, president of the Community Foundation.

Ms. Noland also said "This is about helping not only the retirees while preserving the treasures of the Detroit Institute of Arts, and it is about helping to heal the City and the region for the benefit of all of the residents of southeast Michigan."

Tax deductible contributions can be made to the Fund to Support Detroit’s Retirees, Cultural Heritage, and Revitalization (the Fund) of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. The purpose of the Fund is to support charitable programs and public charities, including but not limited to governmental entities, which will support Detroit’s retirees, cultural heritage, financial health and revitalization.

Those wishing to contribute $10,000 or less can contribute by online credit card donation or by sending a check made payable to the “Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan,” noting “Support Detroit” in the memo line of the check. Checks should be mailed to:

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
333 West Fort Street, Suite 2010
Detroit, MI 48226-3134

To contribute online, visit and click on the box in the upper right side of the web page.

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