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Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month

August is Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), a global celebration to elevate Black donors and giving and funding equity. Join one of our partner conversations this month to learn about the Soul of Philanthropy, a special exhibition highlighting the stories of generosity in Black philanthropy.

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August is Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), a global celebration and campaign to elevate Black donors and giving and funding equity.

BPM was founded by Dr. Jacqueline Bouvier Copeland, CEO of the Women Invested to Save Earth Fund (WISE) which is the backbone organization for BPM. Dr. Copeland began BPM in 2001 and has since built BPM from its initial 8 million in-person and online participants in 20 countries in 2006 to more than 19 million engaged across 60 countries.

With the support of Reunity, formerly the Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network, BPM officially launched in 2011 with its first official global summit to commemorate the United Nations Year and Decade of People of African Descent.

Over 30 women from multiple countries worked with Dr. Copeland to co-organize BPM summits and public awareness campaigns over its 20-year history.

BPM is now the world's only global Diasporan community coalition and movement to celebrate and empower Black funding in all its forms, from philanthropy to venture and business investment.

BPM includes year-round initiatives by WISE, as well as its leaders and various volunteer committee leaders.

This includes initiatives like the Global Black Funding Equity Initiative, which encourages all funders to adopt BPM’s principles for a more fair, effective and transformative impact on racial equity and social progress.

In celebration of Black Philanthropy Month, the Johnson Center is hosting a virtual lunch and learn on August 31 to learn more about the Soul of Philanthropy, a special exhibition created by Valaida Fullwood and photographer Charles W. Thomas, Jr.

The Soul of Philanthropy is coming to Michigan for a special pop-up exhibition in Grand Rapids this fall, October 22 – November 26. The exhibit presents stories of generosity in Black philanthropy.

Join the Johnson Center on August 31 to learn more about the exhibition, the community leaders coming together across Michigan to bring the exhibit to our state and the stories of the many Black leaders whose giving has shaped Michigan communities.

Stay connected with Black Philanthropy Month throughout August on social with the hashtag #BPM2022. For the rest of the year, follow #BPM365.

We invite you to share how you’re celebrating Black Philanthropy Month with the CMF team.

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