MCFYP Grant Program

Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project Launches 2021 Grant Programs

In continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee has launched two (2) grant programs for the 2021 year. Please review both grant programs below to determine your YAC’s eligibility to apply. 

YAC Development Grant: This grant will be awarded to YACs that need additional support to help with their own personal and group development. There is $10,000 in grant funding available through the MCFYP Endowment. Below are a few examples of projects/programming this grant may support. 

  • Support for a speaker for a presentation or discussion to enhance your YAC’s work.  
  • Facilitation costs for a workshop. 
  • Supporting costs related to a location or a virtual platform, etc. 

YAC Community Needs Grant: This grant will be awarded to YACs in need of additional funding to support youth in their communities who have been affected by the pandemic. There is $15,000 in grant funding available through the MCFYP Endowment. Below are a few examples of areas this grant may support. 

  • Food security
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Basic needs 
  • Educational programming 
  • Technology support   

Guidelines for both grants: 

  • YACs with assets of $2 million or more are eligible to receive a grant up to $500. 
  • YACs with assets of $1-2 million are eligible to receive a grant up to $1,000. 
  • YACs with assets of less than $1 million are eligible to receive a grant up to $1,500. 

Each YAC may apply for 1 grant. To diversify funding among the regions CMF will be evaluating the proposals. As a part of the grant program, a brief narrative and financial grant report will be required within 9 months. 

Timeline & Process

  • Applications open May 3, 2021.  
  • Applications close June 1, 2021 

To apply please visit  

All who applied will be notified in early June 2021. 

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