President and Chief Executive Officer, Peckham

Peckham, a nonprofit community rehabilitation organization, was founded in 1976 to provide job training and competitive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. We are now one of the largest vocational community rehabilitation programs in the state of Michigan. The organization’s name honors former State of Michigan Rehabilitation Services Director, Ralf A. Peckham.

We offer more than 30 rehabilitation and human services programs from art to career planning, pre-employment screening to facility based training, youth programs to organizational employment and residential services.

Peckham is committed to assisting job seekers secure and maintain long-term employment, allowing for job upgrades and career advancement. A wide range of services are offered with a focus on job readiness skills, career exploration, resume development, interviewing, guided job searches, as well as developing interpersonal and coping skills to enhance job retention.

We provide a platform for people with physical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-economic challenges to demonstrate their ability, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success. The people we serve gain greater self-confidence and improved self-image as they strive to reach their full potential and experience meaningful employment growth. 

The President and Chief Executive Officer bears full and final accountability for the preservation of Peckham’s culture, the development of its capacity and the accomplishment of its mission. Working with and reporting to the Board of Directors, he or she advances the overall health of the organization, safeguards its financial stability, ensures its accountability to the public it serves and maintains adherence to its legal obligations.  The President and Chief Executive Officer demonstrates a spirit of servant leadership, displays the highest standards of ethics and behaves in a way that is consistent with firmly held personal values that complement the values of the organization. He or she seeks to instill the values of Peckham in all employees so that the organization accomplishes its strategic mission while maintaining focus on its overarching purpose: To maximize human potential for persons striving for independence and self-sufficiency.

Vision & Strategy: The President and Chief Executive Officer must reinforce a culture of strategic reinvention by communicating a compelling vision of the organization’s future, establishing strategies to pursue that vision in the face of change and uncertainty and aligning stakeholders around clear goals that operationalize those strategies.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: The President and Chief Executive Officer must demonstrate the combination of credibility, approachability and social awareness necessary to pursue organizational goals while building durable personal relationships.

Decision Making: The President and Chief Executive Officer must be able to effectively assess risks and confront ambiguity in order to make high quality, timely decisions that balance regard for available data, relevant experience and reasoned intuition.

Communication: The President and Chief Executive Officer must demonstrate poise in effectively conveying information to diverse audiences, active listening in order to ensure shared understanding of critical information and mastery of his or her personal style in order to reinforce the credibility and consistency of communications at all levels.

Business Acumen: The President and Chief Executive Officer must be able to assess the organization’s capability, identify high value opportunities for the organization to advance its mission and effectively craft agreements that enable the organization’s long-term operational and financial health.

Leading Others: The President and Chief Executive Officer must be able to create an environment in which the dignity and respect that stakeholders experience engenders trust, encourages talent development, elicits empowered action and supports both clear direction and candid correction.

Developmental Leadership: The President and Chief Executive Officer must be able to maximize the performance of the organization by both modeling and encouraging a commitment to professional development that enhances the effectiveness of individuals and teams.



• Lead and coach Peckham’s business line, corporate-wide department and service program leadership to operate ethically, profitably, reliably, and with great customer service to all internal and external customers.

• Represent Peckham with pride, knowledge, dignity and respect for all stakeholders.

• Ensure that Peckham complies with all local, regional, state and federal laws in order to safeguard against legal or ethical circumstances which could negatively affect the organization’s ability to meet its mission.

• Manage all day-to-day operations.

• Ensure the application of effective strategies to mitigate the impact of perceived and actual programmatic, financial and/or operational risks.

• Provide leadership and vision in ensuring alignment between business practices and program/operational requirements, particularly in terms of funding methodology, cost controls, revenue management, and agency metrics.

• Maintain Peckham’s unique culture by successfully articulating and promoting the mission, vision, and core values to staff and key stakeholders. 

• Motivate passion for the organization’s mission among staff members and promote a spirit of continuous improvement.

• Coordinate the strategic planning process for the organization.

• Advise and inform the Board of Directors concerning the condition of Peckham and important factors that influence the organization’s condition.

• Submit timely and accurate annual budgets and planning documents in order to support the Board of Directors in accomplishing its fiduciary duty of effective oversight of the organization.

• Lead executive staff in developing and implementing plans and policies that support the identification of goals, objectives, strategies, responsibilities, timelines and resources required to achieve the organization’s mission.

• Supervise the corporate officers.

• Other duties as assigned



• 10 or more years of experience leading a large multifaceted organization with an annual budget of at least $50,000,000

• 8 or more years of demonstrated management experience within a culturally and politically diverse environment

• Direct experience developing a culture and implementing a vision in a complex organization

• Significant financial responsibility in a consumer-focused organization

• Progressive experience working in the area of developmental disabilities or a similar sector, with an understanding of the needs of individuals within the sector and knowledge of funding sources that support the sector

• Substantial experience with outreach to communities and government officials

• Experience working with an organization with AbilityOne/government contracts employing individuals with disabilities

• Experience with federal contracting


• Master’s degree preferred

Hiring Organization: 
Non-Profit Personnel Network
President and Chief Executive Officer
City and State: 
Lansing, MI
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