Executive Director, Michigan College Access Network

Established in 2010, the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) is a statewide nonprofit intermediary organization that mobilizes state and local leaders to increase college readiness, enrollment, and completion rates. Our efforts are oriented toward achieving the ambitious goal of increasing Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate to 60% by 2025. MCAN’s mission is to increase Michigan’s college readiness, enrollment, and completion rates, particularly among low-income students, first generation college-going students, and students of color. MCAN aims to fulfill its mission through advocacy, capacity building, convening, dissemination of research and data, development of partnerships, and investment. 

As per our recently adopted strategic plan, MCAN will focus its work on the following priorities:

  • Foster a college-going culture
  • Identify multiple postsecondary education pathways and facilitate smooth transitions
  • Improve college affordability
  • Support credential completion


The Executive Director is in charge of overseeing and directing the work and staff of MCAN. The Executive Director is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the work and developing, enhancing and maintaining the organization’s relationships.


  • Provides vision and oversight of the staff by creating a framework for accomplishing team goals and objectives; developing, monitoring and overseeing the budgets; developing strategies and tactics to successfully advance work; prioritizing work for the team; and putting policies and procedures in place.
  • Manages the staff by conducting one-on-one and team meetings, assigning projects and initiatives, reviewing work products, and providing coaching and mentoring to members of the staff. Dispenses advice, guidance, and direction to local college access networks. This includes convening the coordinators, soliciting feedback on MCAN services, acting as a liaison for the networks with external stakeholders, and reviewing and overseeing the grant proposal and decision making process.
  • Reviews operating results of the organization, compares them to established objectives, and takes steps to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory results.
  • Oversees MCAN’s Board of Directors management including: collaborating with its leadership in planning board meetings, creating the agenda and assembling materials, communicating with members, assisting with MCAN Board meetings, orienting new members and arranging speakers and other resources for Board meetings.
  • Maintains knowledge specific to the work by monitoring new developments in the fields of both nonprofit management and college access and reviewing and disseminating important articles and information.
  • Builds external champions by soliciting external resources to support work, engaging key stakeholders, making presentations, representing the organization on various boards and committees, and responding to strategic requests.
  • Manages a coalition of state agencies, non-profit organizations, community foundations, K-12 representatives, and higher education institutions with a common mission to dramatically increase the college participation and completion rates in Michigan.
  • Manages MCAN’s governmental affairs and public policy work, including working with leadership and staffs of the Michigan Department of Education, Governor’s Office, legislators, Michigan Association of State Universities, Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities and Michigan Community College Association, among others.
  • Maintain and build partnerships with other like-minded and mission-aligned organizations.
  • Oversees MCAN’s operational management including: office space and equipment, insurance policies and consultant agreements.
  • Maintain and cultivate external champions by soliciting external resources to support work, engaging key stakeholders, making presentations at state and national convenings, representing the organization on various boards and committees, and responding to strategic requests.
  • Performs other duties as needed, including specific tasks based on special projects.


The Executive Director must be able to accurately estimate the proper resources required to complete a project and minimize the consequences of interaction mistakes, and loss of time or money. Must have the professional acumen to determine correct actions to be taken on a timely basis. Must be attentive to detail to ensure there are no inaccuracies or oversights that could cause embarrassment, confusion, or financial loss. Must have good follow-through abilities to ensure there are no mistakes that could damage the credibility of the organization. Must adhere to all federal laws, contract guidelines and expectations.


Must be able to work for and with the MCAN Board of Directors, as well as with and around others on a regular basis. Those people include, but are not limited to, employees of all levels within the organization, school leaders and superintendents, local, state, and federal officials, leaders and members of other organizations, customers, reporters, vendors and visitors.


Has access to sensitive and confidential information, and is trusted to maintain these files and documents properly. These documents include, but are not limited to, personnel information, financial information, grant information, client proprietary information and other business related material. Failure to safeguard this information could result in loss of trust and reputation, internally and externally.


This position necessitates a four-year degree in education, communications, non-profit/governmental management, or related field. A Master’s degree in a related field is preferred. Two years experience should be in the field of college access. Experience working in governmental affairs and/or public policy is preferred. Must be able to independently make strategic decisions, provide objective and fact-based information based on good judgment, generate innovative ideas and solutions, be able to work in close collaboration with others, and multitask due to a wide variety of tasks and constantly changing activities in the area. Individuals in this position must have excellent written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. This position necessitates an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint), knowledge of basic office and communication equipment, and a valid in-state driver’s license for travel.

How To Apply: 

Please go to www.nppn.co

Hiring Organization: 
Non-Profit Personnel Network
Executive Director
City and State: 
Southfield MI
Hiring Deadline: 
June 28,2019