illumidata is a data initiative designed to bring all forms of social sector data together in one easy to navigate platform.


knowing what works is hard.

Every day, government, philanthropy, academia and service providers are designing and implementing strategies and interventions to solve the most critical societal issues facing us. Collectively, there are thousands of efforts underway and billions of dollars invested. Modern technology has brought us a world of exponentially growing data, and yet, organizations across the social sector are challenged to obtain, aggregate, manage and make sense of all of this information.

With access to the right information at the right time, even more opportunities to affect and benefit social change can exist, and redundancies, missteps and inefficiencies can be avoided.

The information is out there... so why isn’t there an easy way to know what works? We’ve spent the past three years obsessing over this question and seeking solutions. While other industries have cracked the code, the tools available to the social sector continue to fall short of solving this. So we’ve  leveraged our years of learnings to design a solution that can. 


let’s change that.

Here's the problem. Currently available solutions:

  • Place loads of requirements on how they accept data, which means extra time spent reformatting and exposing data to human error. What if a system was smart enough to do this work for you?
  • Do not include the entire social sector, limiting your scope of understanding of an issue. What if you knew all that philanthropy, government, academia, and service providers knew about that same issue?
  • Operate under an assumption of willing participants and a culture of transparency. What if you had step-by-step support to grow a data-driven culture at your organization and responsibly share information?
  • Depend on users supplying all of the data to seed the system. What if, in addition to user-supplied data, a system continuously ingested and supplied information from a wide variety of sources?

Designed by social sector veterans and built by renowned data scientists, illumidata™, powered by Posiba®, overcomes these barriers and more, making it easier than ever before to know what works. 


built for everyone.

A scaleable solution with an affordable subscription model, illumidata is designed to make a powerful suite of data services accessible to social sector players of all sizes.

illumidata™, powered by Posiba®, is a subscription, cloud-based suite of services designed to give the social sector what it needs to inform decision making. By pulling together vast, disparate and (until now) often inaccessible data and combining it with built-in analysis, boundless opportunities to inform and improve performance of social sector interventions exist.

The ever-growing baseline of data accessible through illumidata includes hundreds of thousands of social data sets across issue areas and millions of metrics. Combined with a rigorous data rights management policy, members and their grantees are able to contribute their program data and overlay it with related public data and the shared data of other users to glean more insight, assess impact, identify gaps and trends, share best practices and build capacity.

Illumidata combines the best of all data services to not only show you information but unlock insights. A pioneering data services social enterprise, Posiba’s suite of services improves on current tools and technology available to the social sector, enabling users to better organize, analyze, and share insights.

inside data
See the impact of your work.

  • Quickly get the information you need to make quality decisions
  • Compare data between nonprofits
  • Compare data with Posiba’s 500k+ datasets

field metrics
See what's working on the front line.

  • Easily collect and manage your own metrics
  • Compare results to those doing similar work
  • Share your data with funders and donors automatically

macro trends
Measure areas of interest.

  • Compare results and benchmark performance
  • Identify current outliers and trends in populations ad geographies
  • Forecast performance, trends and outcomes

See where funding is allocated

  • Understand the context of the role you play
  • Learn who is funding what you care about
  • See gaps and opportunities you can leverage

expert view
Share insights for the greater good.

  • Learn from others to create high impact programs
  • Share and expand knowledge to affect large-scale change
  • Exchange ideas with thought leaders, domain experts, and peers

grant match
Connect with mission-aligned partners.

  • Find funders to support your projects
  • Identify nonprofits that most closely align with your mission
  • Spot collaboration opportunities based on shared goals

Download this page to share with others in a quick 1 pager, OR read how Posiba has helped the United Way of San Diego County in this case study.

Development is underway! If you’re interested in being a subscriber, a demo or to learn more, please contact Debbie McKeon.