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Learning and Evaluation Roundtable

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Thursday, Jun 8, 2023
2 pm - 3 pm EDT




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About the Event

How do we engage with program staff and boards in our organizations to support a culture of learning and learn from evaluation? How do we utilize what we learn to guide grantmaking and take action for impact? Join us for this quarterly virtual gathering to learn how one funder engaged staff and board around evaluation, discuss what you’re seeing in your own work and hear from peers across the state on what has worked for them.

Kevin Store

Kevin N. Store

Executive Director

Kevin Store is the Executive Director of Portage Health Foundation and has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly 24 years. Kevin is a self-professed incrementalist. "I not only realize the need to take things in step, but have been told that I have the ability to break complex issues down into manageable action-steps that work towards the “ideal” outcome". Kevin adds that this characteristic is what allows him to fulfill what he sees as his primary obligation in his role as PHF's Executive Director - to be an effective problem solver towards addressing the needs of our community; to support the work of so many others, and to drive the foundation to be a change-agent in making a more healthful community for everyone. Kevin has held a variety of leadership positions throughout his career. He has worked with adjudicated youth; developed vocational education and job training programs; designed new and creative work programs and business opportunities for cognitively impaired and mentally ill adults; witnessed firsthand the challenges facing our populations’ health while working within the healthcare sector; and collaborated with human service providers across state and local sectors to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable people. Kevin believes that having a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the non-profit sector gives him a deeper appreciation and respect for the work the non-profit sector does and the services they provide to our community. The work of PHF and our partnership with the non-profit sector is intended to bring about long-term systemic changes. "One day we will be able to realize the fruits of our labor, not through immediate gratification of transactional grants that may meet a need and want of today, but rather through the long-term transformational lens from which we are evaluating our reinvestment in hopes of creating a more prosperous and healthy community for its children of tomorrow

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