2018 Corporate Giving Webinar Series | How Equity, Economic Security and Livable Wage Investments Impact Your Company's Bottom Line

Thursday, July 26, 2018 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm EDT
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A strong economy supported by a secure workforce is important. Jobs that pay livable wages and provide good benefits afford workers the disposable income to increase economic security. More often than not, we lean on Corporations to advance the cause of the livable wage through their social responsibility and improve the well-being of American workers. The program will discuss successful livable wage strategies used by corporations and provide ways to increase the value of jobs while strengthening the business.

Unable to attend the live webinar?  Register now and receive the recording and slides after the webinar has completed.


CMF Members: $35
Nonmembers: $50


July 26, 2018 at 12 Noon EST


Programming: Laura Collier via email or call 313-752-0964
Registration: Denise Temple via email or call 616-850-2136

Regional Associations from four Midwest states have collaborated to present a series of webinars designed for companies with a corporate foundation, advised fund at a community foundation, or a giving program. This series specifically targets business professionals who want to think smarter and perform better when it comes to combining their corporate mission with philanthropic action.

2018 Corporate Giving Webinar Series

1/18/2018 | CSR as a Tool for Supporting Workforce Development (hosted by Philanthropy Ohio)
4/19/2018 | Healthy Businesses Fueling Healthy Communities (hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance)
7/26/2018 | How CSR Can Promote Equity, Economic Security, and Livable Wages (hosted by Forefront)
11/8/2018 | Creating an Effective Communications Strategy (hosted by Council of Michigan Foundations)


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