Randy Van Antwerp


Chief Finance and Operations Officer
[email protected]

We sat down with Randy to learn more about his background and his plans as CFOO for CMF: 

As CFOO what work will you be leading at CMF?
“I will lead CMF’s finance and operations, support CMF’s Board of Trustees in financial stewardship of CMF and serve as a thought partner and advisor to CMF members. Central to my role will be working closely with the CMF leadership team to advance our new strategic framework with an eye toward optimizations and efficiencies as we support our community of philanthropy.”

How does the role of CFOO build off your previous experience in the philanthropic sector and beyond?
“I have spent more than 24 years in leadership with a variety of diverse types of nonprofit organizations. The CFOO role provides me an opportunity to bring all my past experiences together into one position. For the last seven years I have served as CFO for the Frey Foundation. Additionally, I served as the foundation’s representative on a community nonprofit technical assistance fund that provides grants to nonprofits in Kent County. My experiences at the foundation and through our nonprofit engagement have helped to further shape my understanding of the strategic and operational issues facing the charitable sector.”

CMF is a leadership organization driven by our values and the power of people, equipped with deep sector expertise and the ability to anticipate and adapt, ever committed to continuous improvement. How does this resonate with your own style of leadership and approach to financial stewardship?
“I believe listening and working together as a team is crucial to being successful. The collective knowledge and experiences of a diverse team always brings better results. Individuals and organizations need to continue to learn and adapt to be able to innovate. It is important that CMF manages its finances in a prudent and transparent manner, and that it continually evaluates the usage of resources to make sure they are available to support the key priorities of the organization.”

As you reflect upon CMF’s new strategic framework, Equity at the Center, what excites you most?
“I am excited to see CMF lead with equity at the center of its work. As CFOO I am most excited about supporting the team in advancing its new strategic framework as we strengthen and support our CMF community of philanthropy in affecting systems change.”

How do you anticipate your years as a CMF member will inform your work as CMF's incoming CFOO?
“My experience as a member of our community of philanthropy – engaging in programming, affinity groups and networking, and interactions with CMF staff – have given me a unique perspective of the value of CMF and of our community. This knowledge will be central to my work as CMF continues to streamline and optimize its systems to serve the ever-changing needs of members.”