Meredith Fennema

Get to know Meredith:

What do you actually do all day long?
My role is to help curate member resources and update and manage this website. 

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Sea Salt Caramel Talenti Gelato

What music are you streaming?
I could listen to the "Wild and Free" playlist on Spotify all day long. 

Why do you love where you live?
I love spending time outdoors with my neighbors in downtown Grand Rapids. We have so many great hiking options in the area as well, from Cascade Peace Park just across town to Ludington State Park a quick drive away.

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?
I'd love to instantly be able to teleport from place to place - imagine the travel possibilities!

Favorite book?
You'll usually find me diving into nonfiction books. I'm currently reading "Writings on an Ethical Life" by Peter Singer.

Dream vacation? 
I'd love to spend time in Chile and Argentina backpacking the Patagonia Mountains.

Backpacking, hiking, running - anything that lets me spend time outdoors.