Grant Programs for Community Foundations

Every day your foundation is hard at working doing good in your community. We're here to back you up. With grants for technology and consulting services, CMF helps your good work go further.



Supporting organizational capacity building through the CMF Consulting Services Network.

  • Grant Guidelines

    Grant guidelines include:

    • - All consulting services provided through CMF Consulting Services are eligible except services that would be eligible for the Community Foundation Technology Endowment Grant program and legal services. Please contact Dave Lindberg for questions regarding legal services.
    • - Community foundation must be a member of CMF and in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.
    • - Affiliates must have their lead community foundation submit on their behalf.
    • - Current asset level of the foundation or affiliate applicant must be less than $50 milion. 
    • - Meetings generally will include presentations from one or more environmental experts and may also include discussions about lessons learned, policy implications, volunteer and grantmaking opportunities and personal reflections.
  • Apply

    To apply or with questions, contact Nora Petznik at [email protected] or 616.850.2133.



Providing financial support for community foundation's technology needs.

  • Grant Guidelines

    Technology Grants allow CMF community foundation members the opportunity to receive financial support with technology needs in the following ways:

    • - Software Training ($750/foundation): support for individual foundations to pay for software training of general ledger, donor or grants management systems for new staff hires or existing staff transitioning to a new position, within the first twelve months.
    • - Team-up Grants ($5,000/three foundations): support of up to $5,000 is available for a group technology/software project that benefits a minimum of three community foundations. This support could be used for group trainings, software development or other activities that increase the efficiencies of operations through the use of software.
    • - Transition Support ($2,500/foundation): for EITHER Key Staff Turnover (will provide up to $2,500 of support for foundations in need of software training in the event of key finance staff turnover) OR Transition to Third Party Accounting Support (will provide up to $2,500 for community foundations making a transition from in-house accounting to a third party provider, such as another community foundation, accounting firm or other appropriate provider.)
  • Apply

    Complete our Technology Grant Request form. Grant requests will be considered bi-monthly.  Task force recommendations will be approved by the Community Foundation Committee.

  • Contact

    Please email Dave Lindberg, CMF Chief Financial Officer, or Bill Corkill, CMF Senior Vice President for Information Technology and Membership Systems, if you have questions.

Download Grant Request Form