Community Foundation Toolkits

Connect with the tools and resources that can help you in your work! Browse this selection of toolkits that have been designed specifically for community foundation members. Each toolkit has been combined into one easy to download ZIP file and contains all the tools you will need.  Click on the toolkit title or image to download the files.

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Charitable IRA Portfolio

In partnership with the Council on Foundations, CMF is making available the newest version of the IRA Charitable Portfolio to community foundation members.  The Charitable IRA Portfolio is a collection of tools designed to help you communicate the exciting new giving opportunities available to donors as a result of new legislation. To share the details and value of this development with donors, professional advisors and the media, the Charitable IRA Portfolio includes talking points/fact sheet, web content, event presentation, guidebook and more.

Transfer of Wealth in Rural America

In the book, Transfer of Wealth in Rural America, Don Macke, Deborah Markley and Ahmet Binerer share the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship’s new transfer of wealth scenarios for the U.S. – a remarkable $15.4 trillion could be passed from one generation to the next over the next 20 years. What might this mean for communities and foundations, particularly in rural America? This toolkit, created by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations, was created to help foundation leaders present the transfer of wealth opportunity to board and community leaders and to begin the tough but important conversations about capturing and investing wealth for the future. The timing of wealth transfer and constrained public sector resources mean we need to begin these conversations…today!

College Positive Communities

The College Positive Community Toolkit was created to teach youth grantmakers in Michigan about the education crisis in our state and provide them with an opportunity to make a positive impact by creating and encouraging a college positive community in their own backyard. The toolkit includes a video introducing the data behind the education crisis and why educational attainment is so important to our communities, a customizable PowerPoint and a detailed facilitator’s guide for use with YACs.

CF Insights - Seeking Shared Success

The challenges of the recent financial downturn inspired many community foundations to find new paths to business model innovation. Alliances, affiliations, and mergers offer an intriguing way to innovate and change the business model equation. While cost savings may seem a reasonable motivation to engage in structural changes there are other benefits to consider. Specifically, new structures can offer a way to leverage expertise, promote philanthropy, and amplify community leadership and program strategy. Learn how alliances, affiliations, and mergers offer a path to enhanced sustainability and greater impact for community foundations. Read perspectives from community foundation leaders, access tools to help you consider a new structure, and learn from the experience of others through case studies from six community foundations. “Seeking Shared Success: Business Model Innovation through Mergers, Affiliations, and Alliances” is a partnership between the Council on Foundations’ Community Foundations Leadership Team and CF Insights and can be accessed by clicking here.  View the Seaking Shared Success webinar and download the presentation here.

CF Insights - Fueling Impact

Getting to Fueling Impact: Pathway to Business Model Innovation for Community Foundations

How can community foundations find innovative new sources of support and diversify their revenue base? Download “Fueling Impact: A Fresh Look at Business Model Innovation and New Revenue Sources” for insights and stories focused on strengthening community foundations’ differentiation and sustainability.

The Magic of Match Day

The Magic of Match Day

As communities across the country face growing and urgent needs, community foundations have new opportunities to fulfill their roles as community leaders and conveners and quickly draw on their vast experience, local expertise and key partnerships to address these needs, here and now. In a single day—Match Day—a community foundation can generate urgency around focused giving, expand engagement among nonprofit partners and donors, spur greater interest in the community foundation as a local resource, and involve hundreds of individuals in response to pressing community needs. The Magic of Match Day features techniques, tips and tools from seven community foundations familiar with the power of a Match Day. Use the planning brief and tools to design your own Match Day.