Through volunteer committees, members help to bring our mission to life and represent our member's collective voice. 

CMF committees help to guide everything we do. Through these volunteer appointments, members help to bring the mission of CMF to life and work hard to ensure that CMF is the first stop for Michigan philanthropists.

Interested in joining a CMF Committee? Contact Sue Cuddington by calling 616.850.2123, emailing [email protected], or by logging in and completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Annual Conference Committee

Leads the design and development of learning sessions for the CMF annual conference

Government Relations Public Policy Committee

Provides guidance to the Board of Trustees on recommended public policy action and educates policymakers on the work of foundations

Governance Committee

Guides the succession planning of our Board of Trustees.

Community Foundation Committee

Guides community foundation opportunities.

Corporate Committee

Guides content and programs for corporate members.

Membership Committee

Guides membership strategy, recruitment and member engagement.

Audit & Finance Committee

Supports CMF’s fiscal sustainability.

Executive Committee

Provides strategic guidance and ensures overall organizational health.

Family Philanthropy Committee

Guides program development for family foundations.


Interested in a committee? Let us know. Please log in to access the form.