Clean Energy Grants

Smart energy is taking your current state of energy consumption and exploring a way to work more effectively and efficiently for your community. We are helping Michigan community foundations learn about energy transition and optimization, as well as opportunities this may present. 

Setting the Context

Michigan, like the rest of the United States, is experiencing a major energy transition. Outdated equipment, shifting energy markets and regulatory changes have induced many of our state's aging coal power plants towards closure. At that same time, natural gas, renewable energy sources and a range of efforts to increase energy efficiency are on the rise. 

The dislocation caused by the decline of coal and opportunities presented by smart approaches to energy are being felt acutely at the community level. Tapping into the energy transition opportunity must be championed and catalyzed by a trusted and capable local actor. The wide reach and connections to businesses, governments, organizations and residents who stand to gain or lose in the energy transition make community foundations a strong fit for this role. 

Ways to Engage

All Michigan community foundations are invited and encouraged to join this Exploration and Learning Phase. CMF is offering activities to introduce foundation boards, staff, donors and volunteers - no matter the community foundation's starting point - to the key questions and ideas underlying taking leadership on energy. There is no requirement that community foundations act on what they learn - though CMF anticipates and hopes that this effort will spark action.

  • Leverage Learning Services

    • - Join the Clean Energy online community to brainstorm, discuss issues and learn from peers. 
    • - View the Clean Energy Webinar: on this first webinar, community foundations and community partners heard the story of a foundation that is exercising its community leadership role to transition to clean energy in their community. It also provided the opportunity to offer feedback on the Request for Participation and ask questions of the Initiative Partners and consulting energy experts. 
  • Read Case Studies

    Across the country, more and more foundations are exploring their role in smart energy transition - leading communities to understand how energy is produced and how less energy can be used to do both routine and extraordinary things. This transition is loaded with opportunities for economic growth, cost savings and health enhancements, to name a few.

    As you explore your community foundation's leadership role in a transition to clean energy, take a moment to read case studies outlining several community foundation's real world experiences in smart energy transition. 

Ready to Learn More?

Contact Andrea Judd-Shurmur at [email protected] or 313.960.4192