Affinity Groups

CMF’s issue-driven affinity groups help to lead and support collaborative philanthropic response to Michigan’s most critical needs in key issue areas.

Our affinity groups offer members the opportunity to:

  • Convene with colleagues in-person for learning, networking and knowledge exchange
  • Catalyze change on critical needs in their respective issue areas
  • Be represented on the CMF Public Policy Committee
  • Collaborate on funding and action to maximize collective voice
  • Connect virtually for continued conversation, thanks to each affinity group's online community

Explore Affinity Groups

  • Green and Blue Network

    The Green and Blue Network is an action-oriented affinity group comprised of all CMF foundation member types. Members come together to learn from experts and each other about leading environmental issues and how to make more effective and intentional environmental grants, impact environmental policy and leverage grant dollars.

    View the Green and Blue Network online community

  • Latinx Affinity Network

    The Latinx Affinity Network (LAN) connects Latinx professionals in Michigan philanthropy to build community, support current and potential colleagues in the field, and build a stronger Latinx presence in statewide conversations that are priorities for Michigan’s Latinx peoples and cultures.

    View the Latinx Affinity Network online community

  • Michigan Grantmakers in Aging (MGIA)

    Michigan Grantmakers in Aging (MGIA) connects grantmakers throughout the state who fund programs and projects in communities for all ages. Meetings and events provide opportunities for members to network, share successes and challenges in their work, and work towards a model of collective impact in the aging field.

    View the Michigan Grantmakers in Aging online community

  • Michigan Forum for African Americans in Philanthropy (MFAAP)

    The Michigan Forum for African Americans in Philanthropy (MFAAP) is dedicated to encouraging philanthropy leadership with the African American community, and supporting an emerging public policy agenda. MFAAP provides opportunities designed to help members grow and learn together through professional development, networking and educational seminars.

    View the Michigan Forum for African Americans in Philanthropy online community

  • P-20 Education Affinity Group

    P-20 Education Affinity Group convenes around pressing issues that impact Michigan’s students and educational systems. Responses range from taking policy positions, to meeting with government officials, to collaboratively funding projects to catalyze positive impact for Michigan communities.

    View the P-20 Education Affinity Group online community

  • Rural Philanthropy Affinity Group

    The Rural Philanthropy Affinity Group connects grantmakers throughout the state who fund programs and projects in rural communities. Through learning opportunities, participants expand the range of strategies and roles that grantmakers will consider to invest in rural people, places and economies.

    Learn about the innovative work of a few Rural Philanthropy Affinity Group members in our recent video series.

    View the Rural Philanthropy Affinity Group online community

  • Health Funders Affinity Group

    The Health Funders Affinity Group connects grantmakers throughout the state who fund programs and projects with a health focus.

    View the Health Funders Affinity Group online community

  • Human Resources Affinity Group

    The Human Resources Affinity Group is an emerging affinity group designed to connect those supporting human resources development in their organization (be it HR professionals, trustees or other staff) and those seeking to advance policy and practice in areas of equity and employment.

    View the Human Resources Affinity Group online community

In addition to affinity groups, we also have several Learning Communities focused on specific areas of philanthropy. These learning communities may or may not include a focus on policy and advocacy in their work.

Interested in joining an affinity group? Email Andrea Judd-Shurmur, Director, Learning Services.